Vaginal birth or scheduled c section (not emergency) easier opinions?

Hi ladies I just had my first baby (a very large baby vaginally) my partner maintains that a scheduled c section would have been much easier with a lower recovery time (because of a few anecdotal reports he's heard off family friends. Again scheduled Not emergency-big difference) we are considering a second child so now I'm wondering what's actually true. Inclined to think a vaginal birth is still easier to recover from even with my extra complications from having a 10pound sunnyside delivery. What are your experiences?
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I have had all 3 and the scheduled c section was more calming than an emergency from my experience both types of c sections i preferred the scheduled as i got alot of trauma from the emergency c setion.

I had a planned c section and the first week sucked but once we got home the pain started to fade. I had a great OB (which I think is key) and I was very proactive with my recovery. Once 8 weeks were up I went to mums and bubs clinical Pilates and saw my women’s health physio. Saying that, my physio says that if you’ve had a baby one way then it’s best to stick with that way (if possible). That way there’s only one trauma area

C sections are major surgery I was moving about normally between 2-3 weeks post surgery. However I ended up with a heamotoma. Which can be very painful. My chemist was shocked that I had a c section (was an emergency though as the induction failed and I was starting to experience boarderline high blood pressure a week before). The chemist thought I had a vaginal birth due to how I was moving about. However I was working as a landscaper up till 36weeks when I went on Mat leave which I think helped greatly with the quick recovery

The only truly easier thing about a c section is the scheduling (if planned) and how quickly it’s over. That’s it. The recovery is a pain. It’s a major surgery. It hurts to sit up, cough, sneeze, pee. Everything. They push on your stomach right next to the wound and you don’t actually recover very quickly. It becomes bearable, but you can still feel discomfort or even numbness for months. They encourage you to walk a few hours after. It’s not going to be easy.

I think it really depends on the person. Most people that I've spoken to that had 3rd or 4th degree tears said that c section was easier to recover from. I've had one emergency c section and one planned one and I found both very manageable to recover from. You just have to take it easy for 6 weeks. Do not pick up anything heavier than your baby/see a physio at the hospital who shows you how to get out of bed/pelvic floor exercises. It has been somewhat harder to do with a very active toddler but I was really lucky with my hubby taking 4 weeks off work and family to entertain the toddler. The toddler was 26 months old so could understand "mummy ouchy belly" and "gentle cuddles" and that I couldn't pick him up anymore. I'm sure whatever choice you make will be the right one ❤️

I haven't had a vaginal birth but had an emergency c section 5 yrs ago. I found it quite manageable and was up functioning like a human after about a week. I just had to be aware of how much you actually use your stomach muscles for everything. I suffered no other issues either. Lucky I guess

C section recovery is tough especially when you try to breastfeed it’s so painful and such a struggle

Had a scheduled c section. Am 4 weeks pp and can barely walk. I have other health issues and I have nothing to compare this to, and a difficult pregnancy but man this recovery is rough. I cry all the time. Not helped by my mum telling me how easy her csection and recoveries were.

C section is in NO WAY easier!!! 10.5 pound baby. Scheduled c section. First baby. Recovery was 6 weeks, ended up being 15 weeks. LITERALLY can NOT do a single thing!!!!!!!!!! I put washing in the machine after 2 weeks and tore my stitches. I tore them 3 times. I ended up with 4 infections. All happened in July. Still to this day have MAJOR pain around my incision. My muscles still ache. Birth and recovery are in no way easy either way. It matters of what you feel MOST comfortable! Everyone is different ☺️ It was a beautiful experience tho and honestly I would do it again if I felt the need. As hard as recovery was. I loved my delivery ❤️

I had a planned C-section and found the pain & recovery extremely manageable (as was the birth) but I've never had a vaginal delivery so have nothing to compare it to ☺️ I imagine it would be harder the second time around though as you would have a newborn AND an older sibling to wrangle along with major surgery recovery!

I had an emergency c section and couldn’t stand to breastfeed because of the pain. I also couldn’t wash my own hair or the bottom half of my body for just over 2 weeks. I’m 8 weeks PP now and still get random pains at the incision point. A scheduled one would definitely be easier mentally but physically it would be mostly the same, depending on the individual.

I’ve had both. A planned c section with my first and a VBAC with my second. I had an episiotomy and a tear with my VBAC but the recovery was still significantly easier than my c section.

I ended up having an emergency c section, the pain is hectic but I had to ignore it to mother my partner and newborn hahah

C-sections are major abdominal surgery I had a VBAC back in July the resulted in a second degree tear and it was a walk in the park compared to my c-section but everyone is different and this was just my experience you should follow what your intuition is telling you not what your partner thinks you should do xx

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