How was your young dog around your newborn?

I am only a few weeks pregnant and currently have a 5 month old Dalmatian. The pregnancy was a complete surprise and we’re very happy! My puppy will be just over a year old when the baby comes, and I’m a bit concerned because she is so bouncy and mental. Did anyone else have this experience? I obviously don’t want the dog to accidentally harm the baby by jumping but I also don’t want to have to crate her or keep her out all the time as that’s not fair to her. Is there any training anyone would advise? Thanks in advance!! 💖
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Dalmatian youngsters are known for being boisterous, give her plenty of exercise (if you can’t walk far just go to a field and throw the ball!!! 🤣🤣🤣) then she learns that outside is for monkeying, inside the house if for resting/sleeping/ recovering. Probably best to always be there when the two are together (especially while baby is little). Not that doggie would harm (they know not to hurt babies) intentionally but just giving a paw to say hello, lands on babys hand, considering their weight and the size of their paws/claws, it will hurt the baby.

Check out this person, she does brilliant online course to help you prepare for your baby. It’s very difficult to predict how your dog will react but the course gives you a great plan on what to prioritise in terms of training, along with great examples to learn body language. It’s really worth being prepared, especially with a puppy who will be going through adolescence when the little one arrives.

Awww he’s beautiful! I would just maybe work on a place command or crate training if he isn’t already! A calm settle command would be good too! And then maybe “gentle” when he’s taking treats etc so that if he does go near baby you can use that same command to be gentle around the baby! I’m 7 weeks with a 3 year old and a dog walker with my own dog so I love all things dog so happy to help if you need it 💗

Our pup was only 8 months when baby boy arrived. He was always really calm around him when he was a newborn. But now he’s walking around they do knock him occasionally when they get excited but the dogs are really good with him. But we just taught the dogs they can’t jump on him and set boundaries for them xx

Hi, I would recommend doing as much trainning now while you can, do a lot of brain exercises for him as Dalmatians are so High energy as well as runs and training. This should help him relax more while at home. Then I'd look at starting desensitising to baby crying, the pram/crib/ bouncer etc when it's a bit closer to the time so not everything changes at once. Then finally when you bring baby home I'd have a friend / relative meet you at home let him out for toilet then go in just you and your partner let him get his hellos out to yourselves and calm down then one of you go get baby out the car, bring baby in the carseat so you have so extra protection for peace of mind. Hope this helps. Sorry if I have misspelt anything typing while my toddler is climbing all over me 🤣

I’m generalising but dogs tend to calm down near babies especially when the babies & dogs are yours - I’d never leave my dog alone with our babies but our golden retriever switched since having them, she just calms down immediately when they’re in the room - but I’d introduce them in a very controlled environment : our dog trainer recommended introducing the dog by the lead, and bring the dog into the room with the baby already being there, in a car seat - you could also introduce smells beforehand by letting her smell the baby clothes before she meets baby

My Frenchie (2) and little pug x dachshund (1) are pretty bouncy and wild! But both very calm and relaxed around baba! Infact baby encourages them now to run around and be crazy as it makes him giggle! Every one comments on home much more relaxed my frenchie is now! I used a dolly round the house and desensitised to babys crying by playing them on tv. Congratulations! X

Gorgeous pup 😍 my dog is 3 and still bouncy despite not being a baby anymore, but throughout my pregnancy I’ve set boundaries. For example he doesn’t jump at strangers but does at us so I stopped that early on. He’s a rescue who came from a family home with a 1 year old and therefore is naturally calmer around little ones, but I think training her to be calmer around little ones and yourself from now is the best way forward. I’m sure she’ll be a great big sister 🥹❤️ congratulations also ❤️

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