Teeth coming in in wrong order

Hoping to find anyone with a similar experience to me. My baby is 5 months old and was born with two teeth (lateral incisors). She started teething at only 5 weeks old (confirmed by GP) and has had bouts of teething symptoms on and off since, particularly rubbing at the bottom front where she should get teeth first, but nothing new show up yet. Today is especially bad and she's shoving everything to the back left of her mouth and I had a good feel and there's a tooth cutting right at the bottom back that feels like a molar??? Is that not absolutely ridiculous? I realise she shouldn't have the lateral incisors yet either so maybe things might be a bit off but she's 5 months old. This just feels ridiculous. She's very very upset too. Do I see my doctor? Her first two teeth were documented in her red book at birth but I wasn't warned of any potential issues, just excitedly told it was rare.
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@Dalia thank you! Will look into this!

My little boy’s teeth all came through in the wrong order but his teeth are nice and straight and he has them all now with no issues 😊 he just looked like a little vampire for a while 🤣

You might want to speak with a dentist. We had an issue where my son was having his 6 top teeth coming through all together and was just impossible to cope. Dentist referred us to a dental hospital for kids and we had first a phone call with them. They might want to see you in person depending on the issue .

@Rebecca thanks! Some of what I've read suggests the incorrect order can cause issues with the other ones coming through! I think I'm still just in a bit of shock. Molars shouldn't come in until after 1!

I don't actually know if you need to speak to anyone about it unless it starts causing further issues. My boy is a bit older (1 in just over a week!) and he's got his lower left lateral and now lower left central incisor come through which is quite unusual as its normally middle bottom two first but it doesn't seem to cause him any issues so I'm not worried.

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