Eyes awake newborn

My baby is 13 days old. Just wondering how much time you're seeing when they're actually awake with their eyes open and alert. I feel like he just eats and sleeps. I get a few 20 mins during the day/night when he's awake and I get to do things like tummy time etc.
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My LO is 14 days old and it varies from day to day, mostly she's asleep a far bit of the day and I'd probably say less than a handful of days so far, she's been wide eyed and alert for a good couple of hours here and there.

My little boy is 11 days old and has really long wake windows. He is awake for a couple of hour in a morning and afternoon and then for the rest of the day sleeps and then maybe 10 mins here and there when I change him. But I think that is more unusual than shorter more frequent windows x

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