Expressed Breastmilk

After expressing and keeping breastmilk out for 4 hours then refrigerate, then once you take breastmilk out from fridge can you refrigerate again?
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Following to find out because I also have no idea

BM can be kept at room temp for 4hrs from expressing or from fridge if going to be used as soon as possible. 72hrs in fridge from expressing (you should ideally put it in the fridge as soon as you can, not leave it out 4hrs prior, no need to do this). 6m in freezer, or 12m in deep freeze (ie chest freezer just for BM). 2hrs to use once baby has started the bottle. I wouldn’t not put BM back in fridge if it’s already been in there and at room temp for 4hrs. I will however put it back in fridge if it’s not been used for 2hrs. I also would not warm to feed and then put back in fridge if not drunk. BM that is no longer considered fit for feeding baby can be used in their bath! BM can also be kept in a cool box/bag with good ice packs for up to 24hrs. Frozen milk should be used within 24hr from defrost, and should not sit at room temp for 4hrs. I hope that helps (exclusively pumping for 6m) 😘 xx

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