can anyone tell me what these red spots are

does anyone know what this could be? is it milk spots? he is 2 and a half weeks old
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It’s called neonatal acne and they can appear anywhere on the body as a little rash or acne type spots. Never pop them or anything. They will go away on their own. They usually go away completely by about 4/5 months old. You can use breastmilk on them. Just dab it on and it helps

Looks like baby acne. Try putting breast milk on it. In like 2 or 3 days if it hasn’t cleared dab some desitin on them but careful around the eyes. I’d probably let the eyes take its course. But also what is your bath time frequency. If you aren’t doing it everyday I’d wipe his face every morning to get the oils from us off him. Also look up tubby Todd ointment.

From what I remember these are quite normal. My daughter was also full of newborn acne (including the nose whiteheads). It is from the steep hormonal change from the womb to the outside world. I used to spot treat with breastmilk and it worked wonders

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