Strangers giving unwanted advice

Whyyyy is it that when people see a baby in public they feel the need to give ALL of their advice. I took my baby to 2 stores w me today because I was on a hunt for new towels and people think they can really just do what they want. My cashier reached over the counter to touch his back! Now I have no issue w small talk and asking how old he is and they always say how cute, that's fine! But he was chewing on his fingers like he does 24/7 and I get oh you better be careful with that! Or a lady talking about her neighbors newborn & she was complaining that the mom holds her baby all the time. She said and it's not her first child she should know better by now! And asking me if I'm breastfeeding. And OH HES HUNGRY. Like no my boy just ALWAYS has his hands in his mouth. He has at least 8 lil teethbuds going on in there he likes to chew on things 😂 Anyways delayed irritation bc it's bugging me so much more now hours later. I just don't get it ? Is it because I'm younger or does everyone get the unsolicited advice from strangers 🙄 Asking for advice is different than just trying to stand in line & politely smiling at someone imo
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@madison you’re so very welcome, I totally get how you feel. The other day my grandmother told me I was overfeeding my baby and I’m like um no he eats about 4-6 oz every 3-4 hours. And when he refuses the bubba I don’t force him to eat. She’s like well it’s just unheard of a baby with reflux issues and I was not to be rude grams but the pediatrician said he had it and blah blah blah .. 😑

@Devin I agree! It normally doesn't bother me too much, it was just the amount of comments while we were just shopping by strangers 😂 I get it, they've raised babies before but every baby is different 🤷‍♀️ Thank you for your kind words!💗

Honestly I think it’s a generational thing. Both my grandmothers make comments on how much I hold my baby, how much I rock him to sleep, comfort him and so on and so on. I feel like our generation ; has more information about babies and what they need, like feeding cues, sleeping windows , etc. obviously you know what’s best for your baby. And other peoples comments shouldn’t bother you but they do. Like my mother in law constantly says my little one hates her bc he won’t let her hold him when he’s upset or tired he wants his momma and there is nothing wrong with that. I feel like we as a generation want what’s best for our babies and that means a lot more contact , interaction and comforting them. Try not to let those comments affect you - you’re doing a great job and no one knows that baby like you do !

@Tristan right!

I HATE when the say he’s hungry. It’s probably the thing that losses me off the most. Like.. you don’t know my babies hunger cues. I know when he’s hungry. Most of the time I had just fed him too ughhhh

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