Sorry for the intimate question but did anyone have piles after birth and if so how long did they take to go? I’ve only just noticed what I think is one, none of the midwives ever mentioned it when I was having checks down there afterwards / stitches checked so unsure how long it’s been there!
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Yes I did and they were horrendous. I would say I started to feel they were better around 6weeks ish. Are you using anything to help? I found anusol cream really helped x

@Kloé not yet, I only noticed it last week after seeing a bit of blood after going to the loo… do they ever disappear completely? 🙈

I’m not quite sure I don’t reckon they do. As I still think I have some but no pain at all now. But definitely recommend that cream x

I have them, internal ones and I had to get suppositories from the Dr to calm them down as they were causing me issues going to the loo. Germaloids suppositories and creams are good too.

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