Baby refusing bottles?

Does anyone else’s baby refuse bottles or only take a few oz? My daughter is 3 months and sometimes she’ll take a full 5oz bottle but it can sometimes take her an hour to finish it although a lot of the time she’s only taking 3/3.5/4oz or so and again can take her a while to take that, she’ll get fussy and push the bottle out with her tongue. We’ve started getting her into a routine of bath, bottle & bed around 8 and then she’ll have a dream feed when my partner and I go to bed. She’ll then usually be up once during the night and will normally take 2-3oz then back to sleep and will sleep through until 10am. You’d imagine she would be starving when she gets up but she just messes around with her bottle. She’s a petite baby (she doesn’t look underweight or anything) and we can see that she is getting bigger and filling out but I get stressed that she’s not getting enough. I know she will eat when she’s hungry and I can’t force her to eat if she’s not hungry but I’m worried the HV will think we’re not feeding her enough when we’re really trying. There is a lot of times she’ll take 4/4.5oz out of 5 so I’m not too worried about that it’s only when she’s taking smaller amounts and it’s taking her a while to drink it. Has anyone’s baby ever been like this or does anyone have any tips to help her eat more?
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I’ve found a lot of the time it’s either the formula or the bottle. Which ones have you used/ are using?

My baby does this aswell, I asked the HV and she said don’t worry she will take what they want. I wouldn’t worry unless they aren’t putting weight on. They are still eating and taking something so I wouldn’t worry at all.

Lol! My baby does it too. It’s like she’d rather suck on her hands. But I just keep trying till she takes it or just wait for her till she’s so hungry. She’ll let me know. I feel like I wouldn’t worry because they’re not gonna go without eating

Have you explored different bottles and nipples? Sometimes the flow is too fast or too slow. How’s her latch?

Yes this is us this week. She’s 5 months. She goes through spells x

@Bronagh it is frustrating, no I haven't talked to the health visitor about it as he doesn't have any issues while breastfeeding. My only concern was that he is not getting enough milk but he is not losing any weight. The only time he will take the bottle without a fight is when he wakes up in the early morning extremely thirsty that's when he will take the bottle.

@Bronagh yes my little one is on comfort milk and gaviscon when she has normal milk. Most of the time she’s great takes around 32oz a day then she’ll just stop and drop sooo much! It is scary. But if baby is happy and plenty of wet and dirty nappies I guess there’s nothing that we can do!

@Cerys it’s so hard isn’t it? Everyone keeps telling me she’ll eat when she’s hungry but because she’s petite it worries me the HV will be judgemental and think we’re not feeding her enough or that her not eating enough will effect her development 😩 she had colic around 4 weeks so we moved her onto a colic milk and that fixed that problem but she’s not finishing bottles. We tried moving her onto her normal milk again and she was taking 5/6oz for a few days so I know she can take more than what she takes currently but was back to being fussy (not as bad as the colic thankfully but still fussy) so we moved her back onto the colic milk again as that’s what was settling the fussiness but again now back to not eating a lot so we’re torn and stuck in a hard place 🥲 I just don’t know what to do lol

Thought I was reading my own post for a second 😂 this is my girl down to a T. She’s 4 months on Sunday. I’ve tried different bottles, different sized teats, mixing some of my frozen breastmilk with formula as I don’t breastfeed anymore, have tried different temps.. she is so fussy. I’ve read it can just be down to teething. It’s hard to worry though when they’re taking less!

@Marisa it’s really frustrating, I obviously don’t want her to be hungry but it’s hard when she’s not taking a lot or it’s taking her a long time to finish it. Have you spoken to the health visitor or anything about it?

My 4-month-old boy does the same, I tried to change the bottle for a different teat, he still refuses it I don't know what else to do, I'm breastfeeding as well but my milk supply is not great.

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