Is anyone’s toddler like super hyper a lot of the time? I took my toddler round to a friends house yesterday and her little boy is the same age but super calm and chill compared to my little boy 😂 He does have calm moments don’t get me wrong, it’s when he’s super excited he just goes wild!
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Thank goodness it’s not just my 2 year old like this. So much energy

Yes! We went to the zoo with a couple of friends with kids around the same age and all three of the other children sat lovely in their prams and my little girl refused to even go near the pram and ran around for the whole 3hrs 😅🤯

Yes my girl has endless energy...feel like she takes it directly from me as I'm shattered 24/7

@Jennie it’s nice to know there are others out there that are the same! I know he’s bound to be a bit crazy at this age but I’m shattered by the end of the day 😂

Ditto. Spends his entire day doing parkour. Sometime I just want him to sit and play with stickers for 15 minutes.

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