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Are there any mum and baby groups in Edinburgh that actually have babies at them?! Every group I’ve tried so far my daughter has always been the youngest and the other kids are always like 2 years plus 🤦🏼‍♀️
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I’m Edinburgh too and I’ve always struggled to find baby friendly things here. Especially ones that don’t cost a fortune! My little boy is 7 months now and we still don’t do an awful lot class wise as I can barely find any! X

Baby sensory has class for different group ages (birth-6m, 7m-13m) but you need to book the full term in advance:

We go to the FATOWL Classes in Stockbridge. A range if classes to choose from and they have them in other locations too. My little one is 6months 😊

I go to a toddler group on Madeira Street Tues-Wednesday morning 10-12 and there's a number of babies there as well. I have a 2 year old and 5 month baby

Sing and sign have classes for different age ranges and are a great way to interact with your little one. There are a number of different classes across Edinburgh.

Kin Collective in Leith has lots of baby classes including a stay and play on Fridays. They are on eventbrite

Ps and gs playgroup have a really good baby area

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