Not drinking from the bottle

I’ve gone back to work this week and my partner is now the full time parent. My bub is 7 months old and EBF. We’ve given bottle of expressed milk in the past when I’ve been out for a few hours and he has taken the bottles absolutely fine. We even tired formula the weekend before I went back just to see if he would take before I head back. He drank 6/7 ozs fine. But since Monday he just isn’t taking the bottle for his dad. Today he drank barely 5 ozs from my last feed at 5am until when I got home at 5:30pm. My partner said it was a real struggle all day and he would just play with the bottle, get frustrated and then refuse. He breastfed as soon as I got home for 10 mins and then did a very long feed before sleep. He’s on solids too and puts away quite a lot for breakfast but obviously we know the milk is most important at this stage. What should we do when he’s just refusing the bottle all day???
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I've recently seen a video of a dad experiencing the same problem and he started using a syringe. Maybe that will help?

Try using something that smells like you near your baby while he tries to feed. Maybe he just wants to smell you because that’s what he knows when he eats…? Just a thought

Yea try a cup , cup with a straw . This is the transition age usually .

Could you maybe try giving it in a cup instead of a bottle? The novelty might help.

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