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I’m a bit worried about my partner, I’m 30 weeks tomorrow and this is our first baby. I’ve been ill for a couple of weeks which makes him worried. I have been feeling baby move and know she is ok in there but where he doesn’t have that I think it gets to him a lot. Yesterday I pointed to a cute sleep suit I got and told him to have a look but he said he didn’t want to because he’s scared that something will happen. He has been working non stop on house renovations, work and freelance work as well as looking after me. Anyone have any advice on how I can support him, I do worry 😔
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My husband is in a sorta similar boat. Though he’s not worried something will happen, he’s just very anxious about being a good dad and being a good support for me. It’s caused some depression and panic attacks. I think something that has been helpful for him is to talk to other parents about their experiences and how they felt before birth and after. It sorta normalized his experience and gave him some insights into what he can expect. Now MY anxiety is more centered around the fear that something will happen and I’ve struggled with a lot of intrusive thoughts. It’s been SO much better recently and the #1 thing that helped me the most is thanking my anxiety. So when I have an intrusive thought, instead of pushing it away and gaslighting myself I say “thank you brain for trying to prepare me for the worst possible outcome. I see that you are doing this to try to protect me”. Somehow acknowledging it really allows me to let it go and move on quickly. Game changer

@Kelsey he comes to every appointment and sometimes touches bump but he is keeping himself super busy at the moment so we don’t really spend a lot of time recently just sitting together x

He's got the daddy to be nerves. Does he touch your belly or come to appointments? Getting to feel her move and come to my appointments to ask questions and hear first hand how baby is doing has helped my partner alot.

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