Never had period pains before

Hello... I'm probably in the lucky minority but I've never actually really experienced period pains before (I'm aware how lucky that makes me!) But it also worries me, as I don't know what they feel like / what to expect for early labour symptoms. Can anyone describe what the pains are like? I'm 37+6 and curious. Thanks!
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I have never experienced labour pains before but period pains are quite a distinct sensation so I think you will know them when you feel them, even if it's the first time you have had them before. I would describe my period cramping as feeling like a achey, squeezey sensation in your lower abdomen/pelvis. It can sometimes make you feel like you need to go for a number 2 as well! Hope this helps and good luck!

It’s like an ache in your lower belly above your lady area. It can also be in your lower back aswell and it gets stronger as time goes on. You’ll probably find it an odd sensation when it happens due to not having period pains before. At least you’ll get a taste of what most of us experience 🤣 but you get a lovely gift at the end of it all too ❤️ you’ll be ok just use breathing/Hypnobirthing and a TENS machine which you can hire off Amazon and remember the 5-1-1 rule so these pains 5 mins apart, lasting for 1 minute and this pattern happening for 1 hour. Means it’s time to go hospital unless waters go first and then go before this x

The way it felt for me with my first Labour was like a strong ache which got stronger the more further I got in labour xx

When I went into labour with my first I had waves of pain going down my back. It felt like a burning sensation very weird but I didn’t feel anything in the front as I had a back labour, if you notice a pattern with the pain it’s likely labour and I’ve heard from other women that it was like waves going through the front, back or both, also look out for things like a bloody show (looks like snot with blood steaks in it) most woman seem to get this the day before or on the day of labour I did, hope this helps x

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