Thoughtful gift ideas?

A close relative is going through testing for cancer after years of 'abnormal' results. Anyone got any thoughtful gift ideas? Gone out and brought a few bits today and dropped them off so they're there when they get back from their appointment today - however, it's usually the sort of stuff they're routinely brought for birthdays and Christmas and so I need ideas for Christmas and a birthday not long after without over doing the usual... Personally struggling with this all myself so know she could definitely do with a pick me up so thought it'd be a nice surprise to go home too. Things I've gotten: - Chocolates - Wine - Flowers - Socks Looked at but didn't get: - Pyjamas - Candles (couldn't find any scents I liked and she has similar taste to me) Edit to add: Very sensitive skin, so a lot of bath/beauty products aren't suitable. Thanks x
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I really like the willow tree ornaments. They all have different meanings. They are also beautiful.

@Laura she's got loads of willow tree, the issue is not knowing which ones 😅🤦🏼‍♀️ xx

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