Early labour?!

I have a planned c section next week. This morning I have woken up with obvious leaking of fluid overnight, my underwear and pyjamas shorts felt wet. I contacted maternity triage who advised to monitor it for 2 hours, nothing has changed and no further leaking of fluid. Feel mild back pain and cramps but baby still moving ok 😊 Maternity triage have advised to not come in and just carry on as normal at home but panicking this may turn into full blown labour in next 24 hours and I am 100% adamant I want my c section as planned 🥹
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You can still have your section as planned. My waters fully broke on 9th November at 8pm and I went into labour immediately. Went to MAC to be assessed. They offered me to continue with natural labour or to go ahead with my section (was booked in for 10th anyway 😂) as planned. I went ahead with a c section and my little boy was delivered at 1:20am on 10th November ☺️ xx

As far as I'm aware, you can still have your c-section even if you go into labour. I have a planned section this week, my midwife said if I go into spontaneous labour I can either try for a vaginal birth or still opt for the section- I'd just have to tell triage and it would be done as an 'emergency' case, even though its not technically an emergency 🥰 Good luck x

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