Those who say you can spoil a baby - shut up !!

Before my baby was born I strongly felt I will give all my baby wants, if he wants to be held he will, if he wants a contact nap he'll get it - because he's tiny and I am his security safety and comfort. I am his all Now he's here, I've had comments from relatives to say put him down, don't need to pick him up all the time etc etc he can cry for a bit. I really disagree but I just say yeah OK. Then bubba will have days he's not happy, he's more fussy and also cluster feeds so I basically can't put him down. Those days I think oh am I doing it wrong, am I making him clingy?! And I'm not, he's bloody 5 weeks old, I am all he knows!!! It's the fact I doubt myself because of stupid comments like that. Shut up lol The funny thing is, my niece wasn't "spoilt" when she was a newborn / smaller yet now as a 9 month old she's the clingiest baby going. It's BS !
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Do not listen to anyone please. I agree that you cannot spoil a baby. I never let my son cry, I picked him up every time and did what I thought would give him comfort. He is 15 months old now and not clingy at all. He is such a sweet heart, a very happy baby, walking around the house, playing with his toys and with everything he finds. ❤️ I work from home and he lets me, he is ok playing individually and we also play together. He wants to be held sometimes but not too much. I think if you neglect a baby's needs they will become clingy.

I can understand that I’ve had those comments from a family member saying that I can’t hold my baby all the time and that I’m creating a problem for myself and doing harm to myself and my baby by doing so it really irritates me I’m not going to leave my baby to just scream and cry if she needs me

Ignore them you can never spoil a baby. I got told to ignore people like that, I still cuddle my baby and do contact naps he is 10 months

I love that you know you're doing the right thing! Absolutely hold your baby! As for the niece, 9 months is peak separation anxiety time, most babies become clingy then, or at different stages for different reasons, but what does it matter?! Clinginess is them showing you that they feel safe with you, and I think that should be celebrated 💕

*Gets on soapbox* You. Cannot. Spoil. A. Child. By. Responding. To. Their. Needs. Full stop. You can not spoil a child of any age by responding to their needs. At 5 weeks, mom is all baby needs. Yes, you can leave baby to cry for a minute to delay gratification of meeting the need if you are in the middle of doing dishes/laundry/going to the bathroom, but to delay gratification for an extended period of time to "teach" a ✨️5 week old✨️ not to be clingy is asinine and old school and borderline emotional abuse. *Gets off soapbox*

Relax. Cuddle your baby when you want and when he wants. It’s lovely and creates a safe bond with his mama. At the end of the day the last thing you want is baby to not need your cuddles or loving as he’s older because he’s used to going without and self soothing. All he’s known for the entire time he’s growing is being as physically close to you at all times… so to just go as much as possible without now I don’t believe is healthy. Anyone that encourages you to put him down and Leave him alone needs to be told thank you but no thank you. He’s a tiny infant baby and he needs you as much as you need him xx

And I hate it when people tell you what to do with your baby - as you say, for example, to put them down. It’s arrogant and intrusive. And even worse, misinformed. I’m completely fine with advice. But not so much overt instruction 😅

And frankly, from your perspective, I say try to consciously enjoy that time with them just now (even if times it’s hard - that’s all part of if) because that period will later be a memory and will pass by. But I say invest your time and contact with them when they’re infants 💕

It is - you’re doing the right thing! Give them all the time they need just now (with breaks from a trusted person occasionally if possible) - and they’ll be much more secure in themselves later 💕

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