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i exclusively breast feed and am due to go out for the night in december so need to have milk for her so my partner can feed her but nothing comes out when i pump. i have tried 3 different pumps but still nothing, but then will feed her and she gets loads of milk. I have the right flange size as i used to be able to pump but got to 6 weeks in and couldn’t now 8 weeks and still can’t. i have tried hand expressing but it doesn’t get enough for the amount i will need. so my thoughts were i am going to have to go on formula when im not here but dont want to do that as feel guilty as fuck. so any advice would be great
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I know you said you’ve tried the Hakka but if you fold the top down and squeeze it the suction you get from it I end up with loads!

Have you tried ardo medical industrial pumps

Hmm I had the same problem but didn’t have enough milk in general so was prescribed something from the doctors to up it.

I know u said u have tried different types, have u tried medela electric breast pump? Or while ur feeding u can use little collection cups on other boob u won’t get tons each time but it will soon mount up over the course of the month? X

@Madeleine yes i have but get barely anything out of it, have been keeping all of that that i get but its not enough x

Have you tried a Hakka on the other boob whilst you feed?

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