Day naps - help!

My daughter currently has wake windows of about 2 hours and will then go down for a 40 minute ish nap. However, recently she is becoming tired not long after waking up and will sometimes fall asleep on the bottle an hour after waking. Obviously she’s not napping for long enough I assume but I cannot get her to nap for longer than 40 mins.. please give me some advice 😕 Btw her nap routine is in her cot, white noise, dark etc - same as night and she will sleep through 12 hours at night no problems!!
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@Ceri thanks, I’ll try this!! X

I saw takingcarababies on instagram advise to go and disturb them slightly just before you expect them to wake up (say 30-35mins). Rub them gently or something so they move/stir a bit and this is meant to break the cycle so they sleep longer and after a few times they may sleep longer without you doing that. I’ve done it a few times when I’ve remembered and it’s worked for us! He naps for about 1hr30min when I remember to do it on time🤣🙈

my son just turnt 5 months and is exactly the same i think it’s just developmental for them because they have 4 sleep cycles instead of 2 which they had as newborns😩they start to nap for longer as they get older apparently.

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