Emotional connection

I just found out I’m having a little girl and I’m soo excited. Is it normal to not have that emotional connection yet? I don’t feel as though I’m pregnant in a WEIRD way - even after my scans which I found amazing. Will this come in time? I feel terrible about it! X
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@Georgina 😂😂 my partner ask who I’m talking too& i tell him to mind his business 😭

@Shola you know what I have been having conversations with her (one sided obvs)🤣 and my partner is in the next room thinking I’m talking to him !

So normal and so normal to not feel an immediate rush of love after they’re born, it may take a while but doesn’t mean you’re not a good mum or won’t bond with baby either💛

Start talking to her. I be yapping away to my bump A LOT. They know everyone’s business 😂

I recently started feeling my baby and already feel much more connected

I feel exactly the same

Finding it abit easier to deal with this time as I know it's normal and will have a strong bond when I give birth

I felt the same way until I had my babies, it's like my brain couldn't comprehend there was an actual baby in there

I feel the same x

I feel exactly the same! I also don’t feel pregnant as I’m not really showing and haven’t felt movement! I’ve been told that it normally comes in 3rd trimester 💗

I dont have an emotional connection yet. I haven't felt any movement either, so even though I've had 3 scans already and know it's a girl, it's still just a concept to me, but it doesn't feel real yet. X

Same here!🩷

I feel exactly the same it doesn't feel like their a baby their I'm hoping it will come to x

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