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Hi Mama’s, I am looking for recommendations on a pelvic floor physiotherapist preferably Brisbane North. Any advice would be appreciated x
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Highly recommended Bronwyn Jest in chermside. She used to work for Queensland health in the community and also set up a clinic at the prince Charles hospital. She now has her own private practice. I personally have seen her, and as a health professional myself I was quite impressed by her. I couldn’t recommend her enough! Also if you’re not near chermside. You can look at the Australian physiotherapy association and find accredited pelvic floor physios to ensure you get the correct care.

Thank you all for the suggestions I will definitely look into them!

I know Molly O’Callaghan also works out of the Albion Inspire Health Services clinic on the Northside

Recommend briony at be in blossom, she does 1:1 session or group Pilates at chermside or her home in keperra

Highly recommend Pear Exercise in Wavell Heights

I’ve found Jess Gelling at Revive Ashgrove has been amazing in helping me with different postpartum issues - she’s really gone above and beyond to assist and I’ve seen massive improvements. They also have a mum’s and bubs Pilates class run by Olivia who is also amazing.

Any of the ladies at pear in Wavell heights I see Steph and she is amazing

Not north but Sarah Christ at Greenslopes or Wickham Tce, awesome post natal support physio

I don’t have a suggestion for north but Molly O’Callaghan in West End Inspire Health Services is so thorough and knowledgeable, they also have dietitians and gym attached to their clinic

I see Vanessa at wholesome women, she’s very friendly and knows what she’s doing. A little bit on the expensive side but she’s been great for the pregnancy work we have been focusing on

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