Newborn sleep outfits

Please can someone help me out with what we will be dressing our girl in to sleep when she is in hospital (if we have to stay) and when we get home ? I have literally been told 100 conflicting things! I know she’ll be in vests and sleep suits but then surely that’s not enough during the winter ? ❤️
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Just need to think about the temperature of the room rather than the season. I’ve got a thermometer in our room already to try and gauge what the temp is. Then depending what you use (growbag, swaddle etc) you then need to check on how many layers you need. Baby is always better to be cooler than too warm

@Fatima I have some in my hospital bag too mainly for the photos 😅 hope you didn’t mind me barging in with my opinion!

@Amy fair enough, was just told to pack them in the hospital bag. Thanks! Xx

Our girl will be in a vest, a long sleep suit and a sleep sack. Most of the sleep sacks have a handy guide on the back that shows you dependent on temperature of the room what they should be wearing to sleep 😊 in the hospital I will just swaddle in a blanket and sleepsuit as labour wards are very warm!

@Fatima I don’t want to be “that” person but we were told on our baby first aid course not to have hats on babies when they’re inside as it increases their chance of SIDS. Just wanted to pass on that info x

That's what I was thinking for mine, short sleeve vest, long sleeve sleepsuit, little hat and I think swaddle or a light cellular blanket would do too.

A vest, sleepsuit and then something additional like a blanket/swaddle/sleep bag depending on what your preference is. Hope this helps ❤️

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