Sister still goes on about my ex!!

Long story short my oldest sister still goes on about my ex boyfriend and tells me things about him...thing is I haven't been with him for over 9 years, he is a horrible person than caused me a lot of damaged, I lost my confidence because of him, he was a control freak, always flirted with other girl, made me seem like the crazy one and well there more but can't go into too much. I have been with my fiance for 9 years (got with him not long after splitting with ex) and tbh I am so happy with him, my confidence still ain't 100% but its enough for me to have a happy life, but my sister doesn't understand all this she knows what he put me through and what he did to me but still tells me things about him, almost like she's trying to make me jealous, it's not working but it's just fucking me off since she should hate him or alteast know I hate him enough to not want to know anything about him, I have told her time and time again if she could stop but she still does, anyone got any advice really don't wanna fall out with her but feel she's not thinking of my feelings anymore, and that she secretly wishes I was still with this horrible person than with my current partner and she doesn't believe what he did to me
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Someone is delusional and wouldn't surprise me if she's talking to him and he told her not to believe everything you went thru with him

@Victoria my first thought too because anyone that hurts my sister in anyway is a enemy of mine so I don't see why her sis keeps bringing news to her unless she herself wants to taste the rainbow

Tell her if she thinks about him so much she should date him. That should shut her up

We don't have many inside jokes, it's because I accidentally hit her in the chin going past her when she was having a tantrum and now she jokes ill bop her

@Victoria think she's more jealous cause herself and my other sister would rather choose abusive men and I have choose a good one and she doesn't like that

@Jaymee have done many times. She'll stop then bring him up again. Only time I wanna hear about him is when he's dead so I can dance on his grave....haha seems brutal but that's how horrible he was. Cute you and ya sister got an inside joke 🥰

Seems like sister is jealous and wishes she was with the ex

Tell her to respect boundaries or you'll distance yourself and your children from her. If my sister still rambled about my exes I'd of popped her on the chin 😅 (joke between me and sister)

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