Getting so big

Who else’s babies are sitting good with their heads up? He kept sitting up on his own in my lap and on the bed so we grabbed this seat for him and he loves it. He’s still a bit small for it so I stuffed with a blanket around belly and back. 💙💙🙏 He was born August 18th.
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@Beth Awhs Yesss same for us! Maybe 5-10 minutes at a time. But I do it a couple times a day because he does enjoy it and it gets him out of a swing and my arms ❤️

@Mechelle My son hasn’t started rolling yet either unless it’s him trying to sit up and he like falls to the left or right of his feet lol and only for a second. He is so strong it’s crazy. I swear these babies are built different 😂

@Sky I love it too she looks so happy mine is always watching his big brother. Like he wants to just get up and play already. 😂

@Mechelle Oh yesss I can tell my son gets the same way and when he is done he is done! lol

@Marlene Yesss same my son will only tolerate it for so long then he’s like okay get me out mom 😂🤗 So cute they are growing up so fast already. 😭

My son loves to sit up but he hasn't rolled over yet (belly to back) but if we don't sit him up in our laps he would cry until we do, I really should get the one I had for my daughter maybe he be more interested in it than my daughter did

My daughter is three months. She be doing the most she wanna be up so bad you but her little neck be scaring me she can do it but she get tired

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