Leaving newborn to cry

I have a toddler and a newborn. The newborn is not a good sleeper. She will feed then be awake for hours. I have no choice but to put her down in the crib and leave her to cry so I can see to he toddler and my own basic needs like showering and eating. I’ve tried comforting her, rocking and holding her endlessly but it’s taking too much out of me and I simply don’t have enough pairs of hands to do it al the time. If she has been fed, is clean, winded and a good temperature - is leaving her to cry in another room really that bad? She falls asleep eventually but sometimes cries for up to an hour before that happens. My parents say they used to leave us to cry when we were little and it didn’t cause any psychological damage….
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Hello mama! :) A midwife told that that if we leave baby crying in bed, the baby will sleep eventually but will do it because they will not have the feeling that you are gonna be there for them so they will find comfort in sleeping as they aren't held. I am not judging by the way and I really don't know if what she told me was accurate! :) Baby will be independent from people too quickly basically and find comfort within himself. Other mamas correct me if you've heard different things!

I couldn't leave them to cry, especially for an hour. But it'd be ok for take a quick five minute shower, go to the loo, or eat. There's not much you can do in those situations. Baby wearing saved us a lot early on!

Just here to say I have a newborn and toddler too and it's so hard 💚 and I haven't even been alone yet! No answers but know you are not alone!

If the baby is a new born then it wants to be held it’s a newborn some don’t do good on their own till about 3 months newborn babies require a lot of your attention that’s why it’s good to have help because it will become overwhelming but letting a newborn baby just cry because you can’t figure out what’s wrong is not ok in my opinion and maybe the baby have trapped gas that needs to be released do you still swaddle your baby? Cause a lot of newborns love to still be swaddle in even after they leave the hospital put on some comforting music or sounds get a swing or a bouncer with the vibrate option do skin to skin till the baby fall asleep if you’re using baby formula make sure it’s not the milk that’s making the baby fussy that can be a reason why as well but for the most part it’s a newborn they cry 90% of the time unfortunately 😩

I have a newborn and 1yo. I agree with the above, baby carrier is a game changer! I use mine everyday I am alone with them

I have 6 week old twins and a 3 year old. My 3 year old is so good at occupying herself etc but having twins means one of them is sometimes left crying whilst I tend to the other. Normally at bathtime when ones in the bath and the other is in their bouncy chair in the bathroom or when I'm changing one of their nappies etc. It's never for more than 10 minutes or so but it happens and does them no harm. However, I don't think I could leave them for an hour crying regularly so I would consider a carrier so at least they're close to me or a bouncy chair that I can move round the house with me so they can at least see me. Babies cry, it's inevitable so finding little things that make life easier certainly helps. Do whatever you need to do to keep your baby happy and you sane, you got this 🩷 x

I have 2 under 2s, and sometimes someone is crying, either me, newborn, or toddler, but you're only human. I've started using a sling, and it's a game changer!

I would suggest a baby carrier or some way of babywearing. That way your hands are free and the crying will reduce. I would also recommend a visit to a babywearing specialist if there is one local. Another option is using white or pink noise (there are youtube videos with them on loop) to help soothe Baby when you do put her down. Personally, I'm not a fan of leaving crying babies for more than a toilet break or a kettle boil. It seems you're not either. However I trust you as Mum and expert of your life and circumstances. You will make the best decision based on the information and resources you have at the time. ❤️

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