Hi I’m 20+2 and we’re having a little boy. I’ve started feeling little kicks now, when I press my fingers down I can feel him kicking and when he kicks hard enough, my belly moves a little bit without touch. How long do you guys think it will be before I can see him moving in my stomach completely? Thanks guys x
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I am 19 weeks and for the past couple days I’ve been feeling kicks too! I have an anterior placenta they’re to my side but thinking maybe my placenta has moved a little if I’m able to feel them!! Congratulations 💙

Congratulations 🎊

@Shae Houghton hopefully you’ll start seeing it soon, takes a lot of concentration and staring at my belly 🤣🤣 xx

@Gabby I’m slim and petite too! Xx

congratulations, welcome to the boy mama club 🥳 im 21 weeks now and i feel baby move regularly, i can also see it from the outside when he kicks hard enough. i think it all depends on how much belly padding you have haha, as im very petite xx

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