Frustrated babe!

Anyone else’s babe getting frustrated with not being able to move?? My little girl can sit unaided and has been for months now. She now wants to stand up at times but hasn’t got the arm strength (I’m guessing) to pull herself up. She also hates tummy time and is no way near crawling. We’re at the stage of frustration where she’s crying now and I feel bad for her🥺
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My boy cant crawl or pull himself up yet either. He gets so frustrated when he tries to crawl and cant. Just lots of encouragement and breaks from trying when they start to show frustration! I sit with a toy slightly away from him to try and get him to reach it, best weve gotten so far is the worm across the carpet 😂

My lo can pull them self up and go backwards but we are having tantrums and getting very frustrated that he can’t go forward or walk on him own yet. Just wish I could help more than we already are.

I feel like I could’ve written this 😂😂

My little one only crawls backwards and gets so frustrated and Whiny when she can’t get to something 😂

Mine can sit unaided but cannot pull himself back up if he falls over. Loves standing but I have to hold him and he gets frustrated at me for holding him which leads to what I call a little tantrum! They will get there but they don’t understand that.

you’ve just described my daughter 🤦🏼‍♀️ 🤣 xx

Omg yes!!! I'm sure this is the reason she's been crying and whining all day every day recently. She can sit unaided but only if I put her in that position. She can sort of army crawl but only does very short distances. She now absolutely hates being laid down. And doesn't seem like is about to start crawling any time soon. We can't even practise crawling as she screams bloody murder the minute we try as she knows she can't do anything in that position just yet. I feel trapped in this phase and dream of the day she'll be able to move around 😅 I remember it got so much more easier once my first born was mobile so I'm hoping this is going to be the case with my March baby too as right know I'm finding it extremely difficult. 🤐

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