Has anyone experienced Polyhydramnios during pregnancy? What was the outcome and how did you deal with it?
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Geez. Everything I was reading was saying how rare it is and how it can cause complications and it scared me..

@Jenna baby should be healthy weight wise. If you see a MFM I’d mention maybe inductions early if you’re wanting that. I know how uncomfortable it can be! I was always in pain with my back. I had fluid the size for triplets 😅😅

Wow! They estimated my baby’s weight at 8 pounds 4 ounces yesterday at my 34 week appointment but i was diagnosed with Polyhydramnios

@Jenna none! They did have her estimated to weigh 6lbs 11 oz. She came out 8lbs 1oz.

Did the baby or you have any complications?

I did with my 2nd baby. My back constantly hurt, but MFM also decided to induce me at 37 weeks due to the health risk of babe from it and my oldest child’s health was taken into consideration too.

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