my bd has been cheating on me for a year and a half, and i thought he stopped after our son was born, but yesterday i found out he was not only still cheating but cheated on me with a girl who threatened to “smash [my] face into the concrete” to him. help.
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He doesn’t care or see anything wrong if someone threatening to physically hurt you doesn’t hurt or bother him… you don’t deserve that and don’t have to deal with can be independent or with someone else setting a real example for your baby and how to be treated or how to treat their partner 🥰

Help? It’s called leave

Get with his brother, dad, best friend, enemy. YOU NEED TO HURT THAT MAN LIKE HES HURT TOU

Ya, it's time to leave. I get he is the father but that's no reason to stay with him. I'm sorry this is happening to you.

Fuck that deserve better leave his ass I wouldn't tolerate that at all and as for her she's disgusting 😤

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