Anyone else obsessed with feeling baby move??

I feel like Darla rubbing & nudging every time I feel something 🥲
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My baby and I play. She kicks or pushed and I do it back. If I haven’t felt her move at her usual times I poke at her and she eventually responds.

It actually feels somewhat uncomfortable to me lol. I was all excited and then I was like ‘Hold up, why is she kicking me right there?’ Granted they are not hard kicks at this point, but it feels weird lol.

Yes I absolutely love it!!! He/she gets excited every time I eat lol I’m 18 weeks n I can’t wait to get bigger so I can see it 🥰

Yes! I felt so much movement/bubbles there for awhile but now it’s nearly gone! I’ve been quite anxious about it and trying all kinds of things to get her to move! She moved around the other night when I put cholula in my soup 😂 must take after her momma with spicy foods. 20 week scan is next week and I’m soo impatient to see her! Our last scan (11 weeks) she wouldn’t stop moving!

It’s the best feeling ever!

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