Baby wakes crying from daytime naps and night sleep

Hey all, is it normal for baby to wake crying from sleep? He used to wake from daytime naps and play in his cot for a good 10-15 mins, but now he just cries! It's been a couple of months now, but is this normal, or just a phase?
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Mine does this only during his last nap of the day. It’s very strange. Started a few weeks ago. He wakes up really upset and takes a while to resettle him. Sometimes he goes back to napping and sometimes he just stays awake

@Shazida It is really strange, it's quite upsetting. He takes a good few mins to calm down too, but he never goes back down to sleep as he's usually had a full hour's nap or more. I hope this passes soon!

Mine does it after half an hour most of the time so I try to get him back down. But I agree, it is upsetting. He’s never like that even when he’s accidentally hurt himself. It’s like he’s having f a nightmare and waking up from that. Hope it passes for us both soon x

Mine only does it when she wakes too soon and is still tired.

Sounds like the 8-10 month separation anxiety. My girl does all night long and I read that it’s normal. Seems to be coming out of it now 🤞🏽🙏🏽

@charlotte I guess so! How long did it last for your little one?

So for me about 10 days ago sleep just got really bad and she would only sleep on me and would go from fast asleep to full on screaming if I put her in her own bed. She went from 1.5 hours naps on her own in her own bed to only contact naps and she would only sleep attached to my boob all night or in my arms 😖 but the last two nights she’s been happy to just co sleep next to me and today she napped for 2.5 hours on her own in the middle of my bed. I don’t dare try and get her back in her bed just yet though because I’m enjoying the freedom and don’t want to go back to the screaming 🤣

@charlotte Oh my, it's so tough! We've just had a 6 hour wake before finally going to bed for the second night in a row, just when we thought we had bedtimes sorted 😭 I hope she's back to herself soon!

It is! Ah hopefully the late night helps with sleep though. I’ve temporarily pushed bedtime back to try and create more sleep pressure and it does seem to have helped 🤞🏽🙏🏽

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