Heart Palpitations and Anxiety etc.

I’m not due until the end of December/early Jan but I’ve been off work for the last 2 weeks after a severe anxiety attack. The incident happened when I was alone and I had no idea what was happening. I managed to call my mum who called an ambulance. Overall the attack lasted over 30 minutes and paramedics said it was a severe one so even though I haven’t suffered previously, they referred me straight to a GP to manage the attacks. GP wasn’t concerned in the slightest though and the next day I ended up with a chest infection and being unwell with cold/flu hence being off work. I have taken 5 days of antibiotics and still feel no better. I’ve been getting heart palpitations regularly and today they’ve got much worse so I have another GP appointment this afternoon. Not sure if any of this is even pregnancy related or not but should I be concerned or contact the midwife as well? Not really sure what to do but feeling pretty useless right now 🥺
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I'd definitely mention it to your midwife in your next appt. Any issues during pregnancy can put you at higher risk of PPD and should be something your care team is aware of. Please take it easy on yourself and one day at a time. Our hormones are all over the place at this time so it can get challenging to cope at times. I'm with Fatima on monitoring baby's movements, just make sure it doesn't get overwhelming. Tbh at this stage it becomes pretty instinctual I think (I'm also due end of december) You got this! 💝

Probably not pregnancy related but I'd monitor baby's movements. You can always call triage for advice if you're not sure, they'll ask you to come in if they need to see you or baby! And take the time to rest, we're under so much physical and emotional stress in pregnancy! ❤️

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