Nursery funding

My boy is 3 now and due to start nursery in January x I’m not working iv been off work for about 6 months now as have a newborn and wasn’t fit in pregnancy. It’s saying I have to have quit working 2months prior? Can’t figure it out? Basically can I claim 85% childcare costs if I’m not working and in a single house hold ?
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Really can’t figure it out and the nursery said I have to sort it? I thought they did

Hey Courtney is that even if I’m not working now? I got my son into a really nice nursery for Jan but it keeps saying I’m not entitled to it due to not working ? He will only be doing ten hours x

If you’re in the UK, all 3-4 year olds get 15 hours free child care & if u work more than 16 hours u can claim 30 😊

Only want him going 2 mornings a week just for social x

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