Contact naps through the day

My LB will not nap for more than 10 minutes when put down but will have a sufficient nap of around 2 hours when contact napping (he only naps once a day) my question is… how do you go about putting your little down and getting them to stay asleep for naps through the day? We’re tackling night time sleep in his own room too and that’s a struggle in itself 🥴 I’m exhausted and sleep deprived on top of having a 10 month old I am coming up to 30 week pregnant mark with severe PGP to the point I need crutches but am struggling with the tedious waking and rocking on a night and then holding for 2 hours through the day :(
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@Gabrielle he’s always had contact naps since being born, would never let be put down and we’ve really locked down on his own room sleep on a night this week x

Both but mostly contact naps

@Gabrielle which part the naps or night time sleep love xx

Have you been doing this the whole time or in the last couple days or weeks?

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