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Does anyone else have to go in to have their cervix measured because of a previous preterm birth? This is my second pregnancy, my LG was 4 weeks early so I have to go in every 7 weeks this time for them to measure my cervix. They did the last measurement at my 12 week scan (I was 14 weeks at the time) and my second appointment is tomorrow. I’m just wondering if anyone knows if they will scan me as well? I know it’s not a big deal but I really want to see baby again 🤣
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@Ebony definitely ask about it! I’m consultant led too x

Thanks everyone! Hopefully I will get to see baby tomorrow ❤️

My first born was 6 weeks early but i havent been offered this atall. I am under consultant though so i will be asking about it

As in I've just had the one internal scan each time and they checked baby and the cervix both on the internal scan xx

I've been having this and they've always quickly checked baby is okay before looking at the cervix, so lovely to see them again! 😍

I get my cervix scanned every 2 weeks and they do the Internal scan first and then a quick abdomen scan to check baby and I also get pictures

I have also been having cervix measured and they have always done quick scan straight after . So hopefully you will also get to see baby.

I get scanned and cervix checked every three weeks x

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