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Currently 36+4 and just been at the midwife and I’m being sent to the hospital for a scan because baby is measuring 41/42. Anyone had this and can tell me what to expect from this scan?
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I was measuring big on my extra growth scans (GD). 37 + 1, currently at the hospital waiting for induction to begin :)

I've been told the same the whole journey n then on my 32 week scan I came to know that amniotic fluid is increasing which is spouse to start decreasing by now ....anyways doctor wants to keep an eye on it so they did more scan I m 38+1 today with first baby n yesterday had scan n consultation n book sweep on 39 week if that doesn't work then induction is booked on my due date..... doctor said this is my first baby if this is my 2nd they would've been induced me by now ......pray for me ...BTW I had my GTT twice in pragnancy n don't have GD

Thanks ladies. Put my anxiety at bay for the next couple hours while I wait! Really really hoping he’s normal sized 🙈😂

Hi, I was measuring big and was sent for a growth scan and have now been booked in for a c section as baby was measuring nearly 9lbs at 37 weeks 😂💕

From my experience the bump measurement was completely different to the measurement following the growth scan. At 31 weeks my bump was measuring 36 weeks! However I then had a growth scan and baby was measuring just slightly big on the 70th percentile. The growth scan they measure the head circumference and I think the thigh bone (although could be wrong) and then can give you a more accurate weight and growth measurement xx

My baby is measuring about 4 weeks ahead. They’ll just measure the baby’s head and tummy and thighs to check their size. My baby is on the bigger side but I know people who have had scans and baby been fine xx

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