Could I be pregnant?

I’m due on my period today however there’s no signs of it, I took two tests yesterday and one this morning but not from my first wee of the day and there all negative, does this mean the chances that im pregnant are slim to none?
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@Kirsty my Flo app is telling me to test in three days so gonna wait and do one then first thing in the morning xx

My tell sign for AF is lower back pain and cramping on my left side, but since Saturday, it's been on and off on both sides and egg white discharge, which I don't usually get. Test in 3 days as it gives your HCG a chance to double xx

@Kirsty I’ve got sore boobs today which I don’t get when I’m due on my period however I have had slight cramps here and there so I’m in two minds about it xx

Yeah, I went back to regular periods in May, so I'm hoping it's my body telling me something. Always hope and positive thoughts xx

@Kirsty that’s what I’m holding out for and why I’m staying hopeful, I just had a baby in June but we’re trying for another as we want them close together, my periods have been regular as clockwork since having my little girl so it is quite shocking that I haven’t come on my AF yet, fingers crossed for us both!xx

Till your AF turns up, you are always in for a chance as some people on here didn't get a positive till a week late after a missed AF. I'm currently 4 days late on AF, negative on Sunday, but no signs, my AF is coming holding out till Saturday before I do another test. I was a week late before I tested positive last November, which sadly ended as a chemical pregnancy. Good luck to you xx


@Em oh right okay no worries! My Flo app says I’m due on my period today but I’m to take a test in 3 days, I’m gonna try and stay hopeful that I’m pregnant and I’ll just take a test in the morning but I’ve just started to get sore boobs which fingers crossed is a pregnancy symptom xx

In most cases yes. But, I do also feel like if your flo app says three days it thinks your period is in three day so it’s worth retesting then.

@Em oh this is sad to know! I was due on my period today so would it have shown positive today then if I was? My Flo app has told me to take a test in three days and when I did the test I didn’t use my first urine of the day xx

Likely negative. They’re 99% accurate from day of missed period. But there are variables like ovulation and Implantation.

@Krista okay I’ll have a look for one of those as I’ve just bought your cheap ones where there is three in a pack for 99p haha but I’ll buy one today and do it first thing in morning unless I come on my period xx

They sell tests that can check up to 5 days before your first missed period- buy one and then like mentioned above use your first urination of the day

@Lucy okay I’ll do one first thing in morning unless I come on my period today, it’s so confusing because I’m having signs that I could be coming on my period but then also pregnancy symptoms!xx

Take one with first wee. This happened to me I took one in afternoon and was negative but I had a feeling I was as getting symptoms so took one next morning first then and was faint line. Also to add o didn’t get positive on a digital for a good week after that xx

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