Child maintenance.

My boyfriend left me as soon as he found out I was pregnant and refuses to acknowledge that there is a baby. He hasn’t been to any scans or had any involvement and says he won’t be named on the birth certificate. I do not think he should just get away with paying nothing. Will I still be able to claim child maintenance from him if he is not on the birth certificate? I’ve read somewhere that if his name is not on there he has no legal obligations. Surely this can’t be fair if he is just refusing.
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They don’t have to be on the birth certificate with cms they can deny being the father but would have to prove there not by doing a paternity test xx

I’m in a very similar situation , it’s so upsetting and frustrating at the same time x

But On the other hand if he isn’t on birth certificate you don’t have to have anything to do with him ? Which in years to come is helpful …. Unless you’re still wanting to be with him xxx

Yeh unfortunately they do have to be on birth certificate, which seems totally unfair but ring the CSA to check it may have changed xx

@Georgina okay

You can take him to court to do a paternity test but that can take 3 years I believe like they can refuse for 3 years until it’s court ordered

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