Sick note?

Anyone else had to call in sick due to nausea and sickness? I had to call in this morning because I was up tossing and turning all night I can barely sleep a wink at the minute and I’m nauseous all day long, everything smells disgusting too so I just can’t escape it, I thankfully haven’t been sick yet but I can tell it’s just getting gradually worse. I’m thinking of calling the Drs today to get a sick note for a couple of weeks as I don’t want to have to keep calling in and want to be covered as I’ve only been there over 3 months. Last thing I need is a cut in pay too but I can’t function properly feeling this ill.
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I had called in 3 times and now can’t have any more time off so you have done the right thing, I was like you during week 6 but now I’m nearly 8 weeks I’m sleeping a lot better and luckily I have had a couple days where the feeling sick hasn’t been there

This was me today and I’ve been in my job just over 3 months it’s horrible been feeling sick all day today. I still feel sick now and work are making me go in tomorrow they obviously don’t understand what it’s like

I was off work for 12 weeks with my first pregnancy due to sickness. Defo do it, it helped so much xx

I got a sick note last pregnancy around 6/7 weeks for 2 weeks then did short days when I returned. Honestly if you need it do it, I think I might this time too I’m only 5 weeks and already on anti sickness tablets, but also trying to count down to Christmas leave in 5 weeks! I’ve also only been there 3 months after leaving for a year

Omg I feel you 😭 I’m 8 weeks and I’ve been off for a week and a half now. I throw up once every morning after breakfast then spend the day feeling nauseous, dry heaving at smells, and feel exhausted. Got the horrid taste in my mouth too. I got a drs note last Wednesday for 2 weeks which has given me the space to not stress about work and just rest. It’s very tough and I don’t think it’s talked about how awful it is to be at work when feeling like this!

I was really sick with my first baby, my morning sickness started around 6 weeks and due to me working in health care I felt like I was running to the toilet more than I was looking after anyone therefore me and my work decided that I would probably have to get a sick note my was that bad i unfortunately didn’t go back to work until I was around 25 week

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