Rolling onto stomach while sleeping

My baby is 5 months and just learned how to roll from back to stomach recently. We always put him on his back when we put him in the crib, but he has started to prefer sleeping on his stomach. It makes me so nervous because sometimes it looks like his face is flat against the mattress. We've tried going in multiple times a night to roll him over to his back, but he rolls back to his stomach within 10 mins. I guess there's no way to stop this from happening, but I'm losing sleep over it. Anyone else experience this with their little one?
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Yes my first was a belly sleeper and once he learned to roll to his belly he slept so much better.

My baby (5.5 months) started doing this as well and it has been freaking me out! He doesn't know how to roll from tummy to back so I get really nervous over night. I have the Nanit baby monitor that comes with the breathing band and that has put my mind to ease a little bit during the night! Luckily, he will start making noises when he is ready to go back on his back!

Baby is 5 months and does this as well . Doctor says as long as they are turning on their own it’s fine . It scares me but I just constantly watch baby cam and can see his breathing

This is very normal! Everything I read says that once your baby can roll onto their stomach, still put them down on their back but that it's safe for them to sleep on their stomach. What I've heard is that it correlates to neck strength. If they can roll over like that, they are strong enough to move around and get air if they can't breathe. (In relation to sleeping on stomach. Still don't put stuffed animals, blankets, etc in the crib) Both of my two did this exactly. And ended up crying if they weren't allowed to roll to their stomach to sleep. I get that it's nervewracking but you're doing great!

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