Turkey seasoning

I'm making the turkey for thanksgiving. I am dry brining it with a citrus and Herb brine. I'm debating if I want to use butter under the skin. If I do, should I make a citrusy herby compound butter? I'm unsure about using the butter since I believe the purpose of the butter is to ensure juiciness of the turkey cooks. I spatchcocked my turkey, so it'll cook a lot more evenly and shouldn't need the help from the better. Would I be overdoing it? Would I be hitting the Citrus flavors too hard if I have it in both the Brine and the butter?
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I agree with Mandie that you can’t have too much flavor and moisture. You should be fine with both the brine and butter having citrus. I make an herb butter with salt, pepper, olive oil, onion powder, lemon zest and juice, crushed garlic, and parsley. Put it in between the skin and meat

I dry brine with just salt and then use an herb-infused butter for moisture and flavor

Oh I say the butter is a great idea. You can't have too much flavor and moisture in roasted meat in my humble opinion 🙏🏼

But like regular butter.

I personally would still do the butter id also do like garlic and onion powder on the skin to make it extra yummy It always comes out so yummy!

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