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My little one started to have the baby acne on her face since 4 weeks (now she is 11 weeks). We have been using the Aveeno emollient cream as suggested by the doctor but it doesn't seem to fully go away. Anyone has the same experience and if you've tried anything that works for your baby skin?
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I put Sudocrem in my boys as it helped dry it out, i think thats what eventually got rid of it

Are you breastfeeding or do you have any frozen breast milk? Breast milk worked a treat on my baby’s acne.

Mine had that. I was using dribble cream and it seemed to get worse. So I just cleaned her face regularly with water wipes and tried to keep her face dry. It went after a couple of weeks

@Heather we've tried with breastmilk but it comes and goes. It has been 7 weeks now but her face acne aren't fully gone 😔 @Gemma we often clean her face with water and cloth. do you use water wipes brand or any other specific water wipes?

I use cool boiled water and then I use kokoso baby coconut oil and that really helped ☺️

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