Baby whining constantly

For the last few days my baby is just whinging loads. Only time he’s quiet is if I feed him or he’s sleeping on me. He has started getting up every hour at night too. He does have a slight cold I think but he’s got no temp but whereas before he would be happy playing on the floor with toys or chilling on me, he now is crying apart from if I’m walking him around. Could it be teething, he doesn’t have any of the signs apart from chewing everything or is it something he’ll grow out of? Hes nearly 5 months.
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We’re having the same, although my baby’s had her jabs yesterday for around 2 weeks she’s been unhappy. Looking at her gums though I definitely think it’s teething, the sleep regression on top of that doesn’t help x

If he’s chewing lots I’d assuming some teething, but they also go through clingy phases, he might just want you x

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