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To any of you that have no friends/family near by what do you do to make things abit easier. My lg has just turned 7 months n it occurred to me today I’ve seen 1 friend since she was born. We moved to my partners hometown which is about 40 mins from my hometown but it’s a close to 2 hour train ride and I don’t drive. I’ve tried afew times to get the train now and each time they’ve been cancelled so I gave up. My family very rarely come to see me maybe once or twice a month and like I said I went down to see a friend once since she’s been born. I’ve spoke to some lovely people on here but not got to the point of actually meeting. I get super bad anxiety at the thought of baby groups I know I’d be fine once I was there but I just can’t pluck up the courage to do it, same with going out for a walk or to the shops I enjoy it once I’m there but actually doing it honestly nearly gives me a panic attack 😂 I feel like I’m going insane and I’m incredibly jealous of my partner who sees his work friends/ friends and dad multiple times a week I obviously know it’s not his fault n would never take it out on him but I get so bitter when he makes plans with them 😂 it’s got that bad me and my partner call our curtains the curtains of sanity because If their not open I feel crazy it’s like I have to see people walking by just to know there is actually an outside world out there 😂 so yeah the question is what do you all do to make it alittle bit easier on yourselves I love my lg a crazy amount but if I knew it would be this lonely I would’ve never moved from my home town 😭
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Definitely book a baby class- i know you said was anxious but i met some lovely mummas and now take our boys swimming. I know its scary at first but i promise everyone feels the same and once you go to one and see your baby loving it you will too! X

Been in this exact situation with my first baby happy for you to pm me and chat about it? There is light at the end of the tunnel by doing a few tweaks and working on your mindset little steps and goals to get out of the rut is key. The longer you stay stuck the worse you will feel the worse your anxiety will be and the more resentment you harbour towards your partner believe me I have been there! Sending hugs xx

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