Weaning off Breastfeeding

Now my girlie is 1, I’m hoping to wean her off the boob and get her on to oat milk. Has anyone successfully managed to fully wean or partially wean some feeds yet? If so, could you please share your tips.
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@Lauren my LO starts nursery full time in Jan so I’m hoping she’ll naturally wean herself off daytime feeds too, if I can’t wean her before then. How did your boobs cope when she started nursery. Did you have to pump/hand express to stop engorgement or anything? Yup, mine has had no interest the couple of times I’ve offered it in an open cup. But I will be more consistent now she’s 1. I have heard oat milk is similar tasting to breastmilk x

@Shana she has always been a bottle refuser, so I’m thinking to try her with a straw cup/open cup. Water and snacks are a good shout, I’ll see if that works. I do feed to sleep for naps and bedtime, so I’ll have shuffle the routine around x

My little girls exclusively breastfed (tried to mix feee from early but she hated formula and the bottle even if I expressed breast milk!). She naturally weaned herself off of daytime milk when she started nursery. Basically now she only feeds for a bit when she wakes up and before bed. Occasionally she will have it during the day if she’s getting a bit tired late in afternoon but she doesn’t need it anymore. Yet to tackle stopping the feed before bed! Have been giving eve cows milk in cereals for a while and she’s fine with it but if I try and tiger her milk to drink in her beaker she has no interest at all. Might try oat milk and see if she prefers the taste x

Does she take the bottle at all? We’ve replaced feeds with a snack or tried to offer her water. She has about 3 feeds a day, 2 of them are bottles either with breastmilk or formula mixed in with cows milk x

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