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Hello ladies, I'd like to know how you all are coping with HG? Because I am really really struggling physically, mentally and emotionally. I am 19 weeks pregnant. I have been hospitalised few times already and given so many different anti-sickness tablets and latest one I'm on is meant to be the best one there is (can't spell it but starts with ond... and yet it doesn't seem to do anything now (it did at hospital via injection which worked). I'm constantly being sick still, can't get out of bed. I'm letting my husband down as a failure of being a wife because he is working very hard and doing couple of jobs due to me not able to work because of HG. So I promised I'd make sure washing and food is done but lately I just can't. I'm in bed majority of time with no energy or motivation. I cry every single day. Lost more than a stone already and always worry that my baby is not ok even though nurse did doppler last week and heartbeat was strong as ever. Please give me guidance because I am really struggling day to day and I got another 21 weeks to go. This is my first pregnancy, we been trying for over 6 years and finally got our wish but turns out to be unenjoyable pregnancy due to hg. 😭😭❤️❤️
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Thank you everyone for your messages and reassurance ❤️❤️. It has been a hard journey and thankfully my husband is very understanding and so is my family. They all have been very supportive of me. ❤️❤️

You are not alone! I had it with my first pregnancy and again with this one and it is so hard to manage doing anything feeling this way and taking care of a toddler! Just keep communicating with your spouse and take it one day at a time! ❤️ keep staying positive about baby, they say that feeling sick is a good sign that baby is still progressing. Also try popsicles to keep some fluid down

So sorry you are going through this it is seriously awful. You are not failing at all. Unfortunately HG doesn't allow you to function. I was the exact same I have no advice as sounds like you are taking all the correct steps. Ask your doctor but you should be able to take ondansetron with another anti sickness tablet I had to take two at a time for it to help a little. Also ask doctor about taking b12 as this can help also. HG Is a very isolating, draining and emotional journey just remember you are not alone there are some support groups you can find online. My symptoms eased a little at 25weeks.

You're not failing! It is the most horrendous thing I ever experienced. My partner was unfortunately working away at the time I had it and only home on weekends. He would come home from being away all week and have to do all the laundry, food shopping, cleaning, I could barely get out of bed. It's not your fault, and you both want a baby so for the time being he'll just have to do what he can to stay on top of things. Do you have family nearby that can help with housework if needed?

Hi lovely, firstly you’re not failing at anything! I’m in the same boat I’ve lost almost 2 stone and I’m only 8 weeks it’s brutal. Just remember that you can’t help anything that’s going on, the sickness and the exhaustion that comes with it can’t be helped! I’m on prochlorperazine and cyclizine and still find that the only thing I can really stomach is fruit, if there is anything you can stomach just focus on eating that xx

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