Does anyone have this babysense video monitor? Me and my partner want to buy it but would like to hear renueva first. Thank you
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I have the dual camera one and it's great. The old model isn't too different except buttons and no HD screen if you didn't want to spend more money xx

We have it and love it!! It hasn’t been without minor problems though. We had to return it when we first got it cuz the parent unit didn’t work. They replaced it no problem. We’ve been using it now for almost two years with two cameras. I love the split view and clarity. Recently the parent unit started giving us problems - the sound got staticky, won’t hold a charge, then one of the buttons stopped working and it won’t switch to the other camera. I ordered a new one though cuz I still love this one and have tried so many different ones that I don’t want to go through trying a whole new one.

Also control the sensitivity level which is great

We have this an honestly can’t fault it! Love that you can move it round the whole room and it’s extra features ie white noise and night light too, also great when you have two because it can become a split screen if you decide too purchase an additional camera xxx

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