My baby girl has hit 6 months. She’s had a week of trying food (baby porridge) some purées etc, I’ve have her 1 meal of food and kept the milk the same. I just have no idea what I’m doing. I wanted to go down the baby led weaning route. Can I give her steamed veg now or do we do purées for a bit? I don’t want to rush her but terrified of giving her “actual” food. Any help would be appreciated ☺️ TIA
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I started on Saturday and we’re following this book. I love having exact instructions to follow!

I’ve just seen my health visitor, BLW all the way. Her advice? Imagine you’ve got 6children, and what are you going to do? Give baby everything you have for everyone else. Just don’t give honey til 1 year and apple and carrot raw will probably need grating, let baby try everything and skip wallpaper paste! No need to give baby rice at all, straight to weetabix in our house! Now I’m excited instead of worried, let baby tell You what they like!

At the beginning of BLW more food ends up on and around baby rather than in but that's all part of the fun and exploring. They soon get the hang of it and if anything it gives them full control of what goes into their body so it literally can't be rushed. I definitely recommend 'weaning the BLW way' on Facebook but baby can eat everything you eat with very few exceptions. No need for purees or even steamed veg, if you're having beans on toast, lasagne, enchiladas or even a roast dinner so can baby! My son's favourite food is garlic bread😂 my eldest loved calamari and halloumi and was eating french snails at 12mo🙈 x

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