Matnerity leave and UC

How do I let UC know about my maternity leave ? When I got on there it says how much SMP do you get ? How much maternity allowance do you get ? Are they the same thing off different ? As it says SMP is sick pay and maternity leave . It says how much are you currently receiving and when I get paid ? I can’t let them know that yet as I get 6 weeks 90 % of my wage , then it drops to maternity leave? Do I wait until I get paid to inform UC?
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I would do it ASAP as it says online to contact them about maternity pay by 20 weeks. If you type in contact UC it gives you their number, might be best talking to them. If you are working for a company for more than 26 weeks than your company will arrange your SMP (statutory maternity pay). Maternity allowance I believe is for those that don't qualify for SMP e.g. If you are self employed, not worked for a company long enough or just left work. So they are different it depends on what your work situation is. Also they offer a sure start goverment grant (£500 👀) for anyone on certain benefits so I would look into that too!

Sorry following this as it is a very complicated thing as i dont understand it either x

Hia If you’ve been working it’ll be SMP. Maternity allowance is if you don’t work or haven’t worked long enough. Put in estimated income for SMP - can change it again when it goes down but they should get that info directly from your employer anyway so doesn’t need to be exact. Let me know if you have any more questions

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