My 1 year old was sick from November 3rd - November 10th. He had a cough, runny nose and was congested. He’s starting to get sick again and that started today. Any remedies I can try or suggestions?
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How bad is it look for struggle to breathe. If you hear snoring, squealing or high pitched whistles take him to an urgent care or ER depending on severity of the symptoms. RSV is going around again. My daughter just caught it for the second time. We took her to urgent care last night, they sent her home with a nebulizer.

RSV symptoms tend to linger longer compared to other respiratory viruses

The nebulizer really helps if your kid often struggles with congestion due to cold and allergies.

I would treat for fever and discomfort. If feverish, baby tylenol. For breathing, I use the sinus mist with just plain saline and then proceed to use the nose Frida to try to remove any mucus/blockages. If any signs of dehydration I would use pedialite sparingly but mostly formula/breast milk since they will need their strength to beat the sick.

I will also run a humidifier in their room to help ease breathing and will give them a warm bath. I'll take the warm wash cloth and gently hold it over their nose where they can still breathe. Trying to get the mucus to flow.

@Arfa he is breathing through us mouth, but isn’t making any noise or struggling to breath. He did get his 1 year shots last Friday. Could this be because of the shots?

@Samantha thank you! ❤️

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